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The quality of a VPN almost always equates to its price. It seems that the more expensive it is, the better the service is. However, I beg to differ. There “are” cheap dedicated VPN and cheap dedicated IP VPN services out there . Sometimes, those with high-quality features are the ones priced at very affordable VPN rates. In this article, I will be featuring the best cheap VPN I have ever reviewed. And rest assured that what I’ve listed are not just cheap and good VPN services, but also some of the most reputable and reliable in the market for low-cost VPN: Is it truly worth it?

In case you don’t know what a VPN is, it stands for virtual private network. It is end-to-end encryption that you use whenever you connect to the internet. Originally, it was used by companies to securely connect their employees to their network. Now, it can be utilized by anyone since there are so many best cheap VPN services to choose from.

Since its conception, it has been developed to have so many uses. Here’s how you can use it:

Surf anonymously and protect your privacy

Privacy is a right, and nowadays it seems like it’s not taken seriously. We don’t use protection while surfing the internet. And we can’t use websites and apps without giving them permission to access our information. The internet has made anything possible, but it’s also an extremely dangerous place if you’re not careful enough. So how will you be able to protect your privacy and prevent from leaving traces of information on the websites that you visit? With a VPN, of course. And like we’ve been saying, you can find cheap dedicated VPN and cheap dedicated IP VPN services, if you look in the right places.

It won’t delete all of your traces, but it prevents you from leaving digital breadcrumbs that could be used at your expense. Because it creates an encrypted virtual tunnel between your device and its servers, no one can snoop in on your activities (not even the low cost VPN brand itself).

Additionally, it also hides your IP address. It does this by temporarily assigning you a different IP address, one that’s located in the server location that you chose. So websites won’t be able to see that you’re visiting them. They will be able to see your requests but they won’t know that it’s from you. By using the cheapest monthly VPN service, you’ll e able to browse anonymously.

Access restricted and censored content

VPNs have become popular and widely-used because people want to unblock websites. Some countries, such as China, have banned some websites and apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter. UAE also restricts the use of VOIP calls in Skype, WhatsApp, and Messenger. In order to access these apps while still staying in these countries, people look for the cheapest VPN service.

By using a VPN, it “spoofs” or imitates your location from any country around the world. The best budget VPN services offers servers on all continents — well, all except Antarctica. If you are in China and want to access Gmail so you can send emails, using the best cheap VPN will help you get around their restriction.

Stream movies and videos anywhere

In case you don’t know, traveling abroad also changes your account’s Netflix library. For example, if you’re using a US Netflix account, once you go to the UK, you’ll be using the UK library. What if your favorite TV series from home isn’t available in your current location? And as if that isn’t bad enough, you’re unable to use BBC iPlayer abroad.

If you use a VPN, though, you’ll be able to connect to a server located in your home country and stream movies and videos without problems. Whether it’s Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, or Amazon, you won’t have to worry about your library getting changed or being unable to access the streaming website.

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What to look for in the best and cheapest VPN

No-logs policy

Not all low cost VPN services are made equal. You have to get a VPN that truly works. If it protects your privacy but keeps logs of your activity, then it’s not something that you should consider using. That cheap VPN could leak your data or sell it to third parties. So before getting a good cheap VPN, always make sure that it enforces a strict no-logs policy.

Strong security features

When choosing between brands, don’t simply get the cheapest VPN service. Take a look at its security features and see if it offers strong encryptions despite its low cost. Some of the best cheap VPN services use 256-bit AES encryption and RSA-4096 handshake. A service that offers OpenVPN is extremely secure too, but IKEv2 and SSTP will work just as well.

Othere security features to look for are: DNS leak protection (a DNS leak is when someone monitors your DNS traffic through your ISP); an automatic kill switch (for when the VPN connection is suddenly cut off, your internet will also be automatically turned off). Additionally, be on the lookout for a certain feature where you can use some websites with a VPN and some without it at the same time. Believe me, a few with the cheapest monthly VPN offer this.

Number of simultaneous connections

You’re pretty likely to own more than one device in your home, and you want it all to be protected. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy an extra subscription if you want to use VPN using multiple devices. Even the cheapest monthly VPN services offer many simultaneous connections using only one account. This way, you can protect your laptop, smartphone, iPad, and even your router all at once. Check how many connections a low cost VPN offers — there are those that offer up to 6.

Number of server locations

The best cheap VPN will offer plenty of servers in different locations despite its low price. This will allow you to switch servers multiple times. This is also an advantage especially if some servers are full, giving you many options to choose from. The location of the VPN company will also determine if it’s subject to strict cybersecurity laws or not.

Customer support

It might sound insignificant, but customer support is a huge factor too! In case you experience technical difficulties or problems with your account, you can easily reach out for help. If they have live chat support, then they’re a winner already. Email tickets would help greatly as well. A troubleshooting page in their website with helpful articles is also a good feature.

How much does the ‘cheapest VPN service’ really cost?

Of course, the best cheap VPN and cheap dedicated VPN services are not free of charge; they only come at a very affordable price. There are plenty of free VPN and cheap dedicated IP VPN services available, but you shouldn’t fall prey into it no matter how tempting. This statement isn’t meant to ruin the image of free VPNs, but it’s a fact. They are unreliable and potentially dangerous. Instead of protecting your data, it could be leaked, sold to third-party companies, or handed to the authorities.

Since you’re not paying for it, they will look for other ways to monetize the VPN. You already know that nothing in life is free anymore. Especially a VPN service which requires money to maintain the infrastructure and the professionals running it. They will either do this through ads or by selling your sensitive information.

You can opt for a very affordable VPN and cheap dedicated VPN services instead of using these free VPNs. If you’re not willing to commit to it yet, try it risk-free first. Most, if not all, offer a money-back guarantee so you can unsubscribe in case you change your mind. Though I highly doubt you will, because once you experience using it, you’ll get hooked by the endless possibilities of privacy and internet freedom.

Check out these cheapest VPN service!

If you Google ‘best cheap VPN’, you’ll get bombarded with thousands of results. A lot of them offer low pricing plans if you subscribe longer. To help you streamline your choices better, here are the best cheap VPN services that we have tried tested ourselves. Aside from offering the cheapest monthly VPN prices, they also have optimum security and great features.

Here are our highly-recommended cheap fast VPN services:

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